Our commitment

“Our outstanding quality shines through in all our work”

The team at PRO-B Group aims to honour this motto at all time, not only to satisfy its customers, but also to ensure that their needs are well-established and respected. Our commitment is clear and indisputable: in addition to fulfilling regulatory and legal requirements, we aim to meet and surpass our customers’ requirements, in order to deliver a superior industrial or commercial product. Our team draws its motivation from ensuring exceptional service and listening and comprehending the needs of its customers. The company has become a leader in industrial and commercial design, fabrication and installation by investing in high performance equipment on the cutting edge of technology. Our qualified, professional staff is trained along with suppliers and partners to ensure continuous improvement.

Our Mission

To be recognized for our outstanding quality and service in the variety of work to be performed with creativity, ingenuity, while adhering to costs and serving as a reference.

Our values

PRO-B Group is based on values of superior quality

Instilling, both internally and externally, a culture of respect, active listening, cooperation and ingenuity in order to share them with our customers, where quality, service, satisfaction, safety and respect are the priority and are essential traits as a supplier and partner.


PRO-B Group Inc. was established in 2003 out of the merger of two companies: Mécaniques PRO-B Inc. (1998) and Les constructions R.J.C.R. Inc. These companies, established in 1995 and 1989 respectively, were specialized in different areas: the former, in industrial/commercial construction and the second, in industrial/commercial piping. This merger allowed PRO-B Group to offer a more complete service under the same roof.

In 2006, the company expanded its plant to meet ever-increasing demand. In 2007, Nathalie Lemelin and Nicolas Lemelin took the helm of the PRO-B Group.

Over the years, the company expanded its field of expertise and service offering, acquiring other divisions and specialized equipment, including a submerged-arc welding machine and an orbital welding machine. In 2011, the acquisition of the John F. Wickenden company, established in 1929, which operates as a general contractor and also in formwork, concreting and steel structures, brought new expertise to the PRO-B Group Inc. In 2015, the company expanded its offices and renovated the building.

The solid reputation of PRO-B Group is based on its skilled employees, whose concern is having the job well done. Today, we can be considered leaders in industrial and commercial design, manufacture and installation!


Foundation of Mécaniques PRO-B inc.


Merger of Mécaniques PRO-B Inc. and Les constructions R.J.C.R. Inc.


Plant expansion


Nathalie Lemelin becomes president of the PRO-B Group


Acquisition of the John F. Wickenden company


Expansion of offices and building renovation


Expansion of administrative offices and addition of the Maintenance and Service Division


Opening of the Victoriaville office and expansion of the range of services offered


Expansion of the plant and installation of the beamcut robot and acquisition of Isolation Pro-Plus (formerly Cap Isolation)

"Our outstanding quality shines through in all our work»

Do you have the desire to face new challenges in a dynamic atmosphere? Working with us means committing to perpetuate the reputation of leadership acquired over the years.