Industrial piping

Our talent and knowledge of industrial piping makes us THE go-to company!

At PRO-B Group, we offer industrial and commercial piping design and engineering, fabrication and installation services in a turnkey solution to meet your needs.

The range of services offered ensures that you receive high quality, professional work.

Design, Fabrication & Installation

We have vast expertise in the design of isometric drawings (production drawings), from 3D models and all other types of drawings.

PRO-B Group carries out pipework in all diameters (small or large bore) for all kinds of processes, regardless of the materials used: ferrous (carbon steel, SA 53 grade B, SA 333 low temp), non-ferrous (aluminium, stainless steel), exotic (2205, hardox 400, nickel), and all other types of materials.

Welding work is performed according to 120 welding procedures (SAW, FCAW, JTAW, GMAW, SMAW) and according to procedures B 31.1 and B 31.3. All pipe fabrication (UA Label) is union approved.

Fabrication is done at our plant to optimize output, in terms of both quality and speed.

Various painting procedures can be applied at the plant in a wide variety of colours: epoxy, electrostatic coating and Interlac. We also do rubber-lined pipe coating.

Inspection and quality control

At PRO-B Group, we strive for customer satisfaction!

To ensure optimum quality and strict adherence to current standards, we have an in-plant pressure and non-destructive inspection process using state-of-the-art technologies: x-ray, magnetic particle and liquid penetrant testing.

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