For your boilermaking needs, you can count on specialists like us!

The processes for design, fabrication and installation of boilers, also known as pressure vessels, and furnaces are similar in all ways to those of the “industrial piping” section. In addition to all the specialized equipment, we also have a submerged arc welding machine that automatically welds material up to 8 inches thick to carry out the most complex work.

In addition to the standards and certifications in the “industrial piping” section, there are several supplementary certifications that apply to the fabrication of pressure vessels: “U” stamp (ASME SECT VIII div. 1), “S” stamp (ASME SECT I div. 1) and “R” stamp (National Board repair, API-650, API-620).

Our experts have perfect mastery of the cutting and welding techniques essential to the specific requirements of all types of projects. Visit our “accomplishments/boilermaking” section and see!

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